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  • Sign up online only at! 

  • When submitting online payment for reservations, please select "CLASSES" from shipping drop down where it automatically says "STANDARD" in order to bypass standard product shipping costs.  

  • Classes are held at Madam Chino 1737A N. Palmer Street in Brewers Hill

  • Classes are 2.5 hours, held on Sunday mornings at 11am-1:30pm and Wednesdays and Thursdays 5:45pm–8:15pm.

  • All questions email to madamchino@gmail or text to Vanessa at 1-414-303-1981

  • Students who are very rusty or with no sewing experience should take a prerequisite class MACHINE OPERATION and TUNE-UPS (bring-your-own machine or machines provided) (1st and 3rd Sundays) of the month and learn essential sewing, construction, and trouble-shooting knowledge. 

  • Weeknight classes are 1 or 2 sessions and separated into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced for your convenience.  Descriptions of the goals of each are outlined below.  Use your own discretion based on your interests, abilities, and desire for challenge!

  • For knowledgeable sewers with their own project ideas who need a little space and advice, Open Sew occurs every 4th Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm-9pm for $25

  • Madam Chino is available on 2nd and 4th Sundays for parties and private group classes in 3 hour sessions at your convenience.  Please see Parties for ideas or propose your own!  Group parties are generally $200 which includes for 3 hours of guided studio time, 3 hours of materials gathering and preparations, and $40 worth of materials.

  • Madam Chino also offers skill share, which means you can sew scraps together and production line a project to learn a variety of industrial sewing machine processes, in exchange for shop space and advice on your current projects during shop hours Friday and Saturday 12pm-5pm.  For general rules and outline, please contact


    • Bring all materials listed in the class listing in order to complete your projects.  While some supplies are sold at Madam Chino, it’s not guaranteed your items will be available for purchase here.   

    • Any specific class materials provided, such as precut fabrics or take-away tools, will be listed in the class description and included in the price of your class! All classes start at a base price of $35 for single session and $65 for 2-session courses. 

    • Materials that are always provided: Sewing machines, sewing machine needles, black and white thread, fabric scissors, rotary cutters, self-healing mats, hand needles, pins, irons and ironing mats, measuring tapes, seam rippers, dress forms.

  • Please understand that due to the nature of class reservations and space limitations, class cancellations cannot be refunded or credited to new courses.  

  • Class space is limited to 6 students, if a class is full, the listing will be “sold out” 

  • Sewing is fun and logical but we do it with sharp objects so sew at your own risk!


SEWING LEVELS: First Experience, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

  • No Experience:  1 session

  • Prerequisites:  None

    • Goals: learn to operate a machine, understand fabric properties and associated stitches, tension concepts, trouble-shooting stitch troubles. 

  • Basic Projects: Both 1 & 2-sessions 

    • Prerequisites: Basic machine operation.

    • Goals: exercise basic machine operation, pinning, cutting from patterns, sewing straight or curved. Perfect for gaining confidence in sewing and troubleshooting your machine.  

  • Intermediate: 2 sessions

    • Prerequisites: Any basic class or previous sewing experience, can pin, cut and sew straight. 

    • Goals: Implement various feet, learn button holes, zippers, elastic, pleating

  • Advanced: 2 sessions

    • Prerequisites: High interest in patterning, alterations and learning a variety of seam types, can measure, pleat, apply elastic, zippers, and button holes.

    • Goals: pattern-focused, improve measuring and flat patterning techniques, garment specific same-state alterations and finishing techniques.  


1st Week Sun -11am-1:30pm - MACHINE OPERATION / TUNE-UPS

1st Week Wed - 5:45pm-8:15pm -  Class A-1- INTERMEDIATE

1st Week Thurs - 5:45pm-8:15pm - Class B-2 - ADVANCED 

2nd Week Sun - Any 2 Hour Session - OPEN BOOKING FOR PARTIES

2nd Week Wed –5:45pm-8:15pm - Class A-2 - INTERMEDIATE

2nd Week Thur – 5:45pm-8:15pm - Class B-2 - ADVANCED

3rd Week Sun -11am-1:30pm - MACHINE OPERATION / TUNE-UPS

3rd Week Wed – 5:45pm-8:15pm - Workshop C - BASIC 

3rd Week Thurs – 5:45pm-8:15pm - Workshop D - BASIC

4th Week Sun - Any 2 Hour Session - OPEN BOOKING FOR PARTIES

4th Week Wed – 6pm-9pm - OPEN SEW

4th Week Thurs – 6pm-9pm - OPEN SEW

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View the Facebook Class events HERE

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