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Madam Chino accidentally got into the business of quilting with this premier heritage quilt project *see it HERE.  Following the first two quilts, it became clear that "krazy quilting" is a wonderful way to fully recycle tiny unrelated scraps of fabric, because they do not need to be trimmed or sized so all parts can be used.  Thence, time was devoted to commencing the project within studio walls to utilize the many extras and leftovers, converting and translating them into useable small blankets *view and purchase them HERE.  The original quilt is in the hands of the clothing owners' loving wife, whose daughter commissioned 5 total quilts for her mother to give to her children as a very meaningful holiday rememberance of their beloved! Madam Chino is honored and proud to be a part of this project and since connected with several people showing interest in carrying on the memory of their deceased beloved's by recreating their textiles into commemorative quilts.


The following quilts were commissioned to be front and back patchwork.  The proceeding images show both sides of each quilt!  Please contact Madam Chino HERE if you have any questions or inquiries!


QUILT #3 // 

QUILT 4 //

QUILT 5 // 


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