INSTRUCTOR: Vanessa Andrew

DATE/TIME: 1st Sundays 5pm-8pm

PRICE: $40 


Join Madam Chino in Open Sewing Lab for advice on your project, minimum of 4x4 table top space to spread it out, access and instruction on a full range of industrial machines, large ironing stations, and basic supplies such as 18"x18" fabric swatches, a wide variety of threads, sewing machine feet, heat and bond applique, interfacing and elastics, plus tools like large cutting mats, fabric scissors and hand needles to start/work on/finish projects, dress forms, quilting tables as well as additional stock to purchase extra materials. Bring your own fabrics or patterns for large or specific projects. Perfect class for intermediate sewers with basic machine knowledge who are self-motivated to do a special project but would like access to new machines, advice, or to sew with others! Questions? Email


WHAT TO BRING: your special project at any place in the process, fabric, pattern, idea.  Please email any questions in advance to  


Great opportunity to meet start/finish/get further along in your chosen project, get advice and direction, use materials and to work in an environment with other sewers!

Certain Sundays 1pm-4pm & 5pm-8pm : OPEN SEWING LAB // Bring a Project!







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