Need some sage sewing advice or a just friendly reminder?  Maybe you know someone who does?  If sew, this book will help!  

Vanessa Andrew, also known as Madam Chino self-published comic book style T-shirt reconstruction booklet-sized zine.  

T-Shirt Reclamation You-Torials is one of 5, count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, amazing topics in the You-torial Series by Madam Chino and published by Penny Spencer INK!  Other topics soon to be released include: Pattern-making and Draping, DIY Screen Printing at Home, Fitting your Britches, and Adornments.  Keep your eye out for new inventory and alas, finally, a compilation copy of all 5 in ONE BOOK!


  • Printed on Recycled Paper Locally to Author Written and Illustrated by Vanessa Devaki Andrew aka Madam Chino Self Published at Penny Spencer INK in Milwaukee WI