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I ran across these beautiful handmade textiles in Florida made by a woman and her church group Faithworks Naples who are using this commonly known crochet technique that repurposes plastic bags (check out the link to one of many youtube videos explaining that process.)  Below are a few pictures I was able to take of their transformation of these bags into sleeping mats that they then donate to a local homeless shelter.  What inspiration!


Progressive environmental city San Francisco recently banned plastic bags in addition to plastic bottles and foam containers.  Plastic bags are often reused at home for trash can liners and doggie doodoo, but en masse can be donated to local thrift stores where they are reused in sales, however these bags are not often recycled in local municipalities due to the recycling number being so high.  While we have a long way to raise consciousness about our waste, even small acts of transforming trash into treasure can inspire and awaken!  Take a look, then do it yourself!

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