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Making a pom-pom out of T-shirt yarn is easy!  This same method is perfect for making poms out of any type of yarn.  Create these sets of C-shaped cardboards by tracing a cookie tin and a round container, and carving them out with an exacto. 

To make a pom with t-yarn (*see t-yarn you-torial)  Use a strand of yarn and sandwich it between two of the C-shapes, so that the ends come out of the break in the circle. 

Wrap the boards with a new, long strand of yarn, as much as you can, running the long end through the opening in the cardboard to get it through.

Pull the original yarn toward the center and half knot it to gather the strands

Hold the disc on the table top to secure the strands with some pressure. Take a scissors and begin cutting along the outer fold of the wound strands, clipping them a few at a time. 

Once you have released all the strands, finish pulling the original strand until it is very taut.

Use a helping hand to hold the half knot tight while you tie a double knot very tight.


Slide your pom out of the opening in the cardboard, fluff and trim!

Take a look below at some of the production pics making some of the many things you can make with T-POMS!  Learn to make your own T-shirt yarn HERE and HERE or buy some of ours HERE!

Take a look at some Madam Chino T-Pom products HERE!

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