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SEAMS:  Our garments use 100% pre-loved T-shirts, and change basic T-shapes into newer silhouettes and sizes, building on a previous layer with a new functionality for the shape.  Garments can change drastically and many new seams are created and joined but most often the history of the garment is visible in the final product.  Many smaller items are invented from areas of scrap left behind and built anew.  We save energy by reusing the forms and previous seams.   

THREADS:  Armholes, sleeves, necklines and skirtings are skillfully coverhem finished for a sturdy knit garment with smooth pressed edges using black dual needle straight stitching.

WAISTBANDS:  1/4" elastic piped into the cover-hem of the previous T-shirt and presented "inside-out".   

COVER-HEMS:  Cover-hems are flat serge stitching done on T-shirts in thread that preserves its monochromatic color scheme. 

FLIPPED HEMS: Flipping old coverhems is part of how we reuse our scraps.  These are found in our necklaces and as drawstrings in our designs.  Our tubes are turned and tucked.

FLIPPED SEAMS: All of our edge facing interior seams are completed with a serger and the tails are flipped back into the seam and then topstitched with reverse straight stitches for secure washability. 

GRAPHICS: Graphic shirts are flipped inside out to distract from the original shirt graphics. We try not to use heavy weight ink graphics in our tees. They are sticky to sewing machine feet and cumbersome to the fabrics, often causing some visible textures or fade-through. Lighter fabrics will usually show content. 


T-shirts are generally a mixture of both cotton and polyester fibers.  Shirts cannot be guaranteed 100% cotton.  Contact us if you have concerns regarding textile skin sensitivity.  You may opt to send us your chosen shirts to use.  

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