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This year for the holidays if you can't buy local and handmade, there are a ton of affordable ways to show you care!  Try these little craft pom earrings for example, an ultra affordable way to add flair and specialness to an outfit or a gift bag.  

Just get: 

-Craft Poms

-Earring wire with the little pegs

-Earring wire for hooks or studs

-Multi colored seed beads and bigger beads 


-Jump Rings


The only real trick here is to put a tiny seed beed on each of the wire strands first before the poms, so it acts like a stopper for the poms to so they do not unthread. Additionally you will find that each pom has a better way to be threaded that goes with the grain of the tiny filaments.  If you look very close you can see which direction most of the threads are leading and go with the grain.  


TIP:  One great *unpictured* way to present these would be as a card!  Cut a folding card so that the folded paper is slightly larger than the earrings and pop two small holes in it with a safety pin, then enter the earrings into the paper and tape from the back.   

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