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In the name of sustainability, reuse, and fabric reincarnation, Madam Chino recently took on an incredibly meaningful heritage project for a woman who wished to create a long lasting, utilitarian memory using the clothing of her deceased father.  Originally the project was to create pillow covers from his pants.  She arrived and together we purchased the forms and zippers to complete the project.  She provided a copy of his signature and handwriting, which I was able to machine embroider into handmade tags for the pillows.  Below is a photo she sent of the finished work which she gifted to her family members for their first Christmas without him.      

With the remainder of the pants fabric I deconstructed it.  Below is a photo of the belt loops that were left over and removed.  Some of the pants legs were employed in another project creating children's back packs for a local elementary school.  

The final scraps were extruded from the corners of the pockets and waistlines, creating a small pile of little peices, and a quilt top was started by peicing randomly.  I was informed later that these red pants were from a pair of pants that he wore every Christmas.  

What a meaningful project!  I felt so happy to be a part of helping to carry on his memory and legend, and that the person holding this quilt will find memories in each piece of cloth.  Below is the final quilt and an image of Donna and I holding the first of five quilts~! 

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