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BOOK A PARTY at Madam Chino!

includes all materials, bring your own cake/snacks!  

1st and 3rd Sundays 5pm-8pm

2nd and 4th Sundays 1pm-4pm 


Find out if your Sunday time is available to book by emailing OR

1.  Go to OPEN SEW LAB product page 

2.  select your date from the drop down

3.  Adjust the quantity for ALL 6 available spots.  (you can have more people at your party, but that means no one else is booked for Open Sew Lab, so you can reserve the entire studio.)  (if there are only 5 or less spots, that means the whole studio is not available for a party)

4. BOOK THAT DATE IN THE OPEN SEW LISTING with notes in the check out!  Please call or text Vanessa at 414-303-1981 with questions or to discuss class party details and pattern options!


*Bring your own Snacks and Cake! Cutlery provided.  Set up your own special decos or enjoy the decos already in place! 



Celebratory sewing fun for family and friends! Book a Birthday Party at Madam Chino for your child and up to 8 kids and follow step-by-step the maker stations required to complete the project!  Kids with sew their stuffy with instructor help, using the foot pedal to drive the machine while MC guides the fabrics.  


Party goers will brainstorm, design and decorate their own fabric with fabric markers on muslin, cut their own patterns, machine sew with the help of Madam Chino, then stuff and hand sew felt, buttons, pompoms and embroidered features on. 


Birthday child may choose their own project!  your choice of: owl, bunny, snake, doll or any fun idea they love!  Before finishing, each child will ceremoniously place a HEART and note with the initials of the birthday kiddo and their friend into the figure, and hand sew it closed using a ladder stitch.  No sewing experience required for kids 8 and up, children under 8 please provide one adult to help!    



Create lasting, useful memories together for child and mommy! A party experience that allows groups to work together to create useful gift items for the new mother while celebrating the baby! A great opportunity for individuals of all skill levels to learn sewing on the fly, cut patterns, sew and trim in the company of their friends!


Choose from colorful improv patchworks or use repurposed newcycled large swath upholstery samples to create any baby-oriented patterns and with the help of your instructor and make as many as possible in the timeframe: Baby bibs, burp cloths, crib blankets, stuffed toy mobiles, diaper covers, stuffed animals, stuffed blocks, baby booties and a baby swing!  Sewing experience not required but helpful!  



Great teen party project or any group of friends or sportsmates!  Use up recycled t-shirts from the giant stock of new MPSREC rebrand donations, flip the shirts inside out, recut the jersey to desired shapes, ie: tank, neckline, sides, resize, crop using existing patterns or freestyle cuts.  Choose colors for applique lettering in advance, use stencils to trace and cut your letters, lay out, and iron on.  Finish lettering with glue edges, puffy paint, or zig zag stitching or nothing, depending on desired look or skill level!  Meanwhile, as students cut and lay out appliques, MC will guide students one-by-one through the industrial Cover Hemmer to finish the tank edges to store quality look!  Decorate with fabric markers, rhinestones, studs, bedazzlers, ladderweaving braids, etc!


Sundays 1-4 or 5-8pm // BIRTHDAYS or BABY SHOWERS // up to 6 kids or 10 adults!

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