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Who doesn’t love a little sass when it’s served so lovingly? These tiny banners are a charming humorous fetch in the household and office. Choose all of one saying: 3 lines up to 6 letters per word, or use our suggestions! Each banner is created on an old Singer hand-cranking chain stitch embroidery machine with walking foot. All lettering is done in cursive and t-crossing and i-dotting is done in the same line of thread as all lettering. Created on vintage craft felt using contrasting threads for lettering, sewn over a small dowel and tied off with crocheted floss tied into two tiny eye screws. Colors are variable, because these are created on reuse material colors may be limited, please message me with your preferences to see if I can accommodate your interest!MEASURES // Width: 6” / Length at Center: 8.5” / Length at edges: 6.5” / Tie: 10” / Tie from Top: 3.5”


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