Both 1-4pm and 5-8pm slots are now open to both Open Sewing, Alterations and Repairs! 


Add your project in check out notes and I'll set you up a space and worksheet create a to scale pattern for your project and test fabrics to sew a mock up!  



Pile together and port your rips, popped buttons or broken zippered items for repair! Learn and implement darning techniques for proper patching, replace jean and jacket zips, machine sew your buttons back on in this clothing restoration focused class. Tools and supplies as well as jean zips, applique, and patch material included in class, limited supply of jacket zippers available for purchase or bring your own! Prerequisite: Sewing machine operation experience or MC's Machine Operation Class 1st Sundays 1pm-4pm



Cull your closet and compile a list of items you want to alter for a better fit! Crop your shirts? Hem your pants or add some length? Taper your pants or add some bells? Raise the waistline, take up at the shoulders? Change the shape altogether? Use this opportunity to pin up, stitch out, and alter your fave things so you can love them again, in the company of friends and the right tools and advice to keep the garments original integrity. Access to blind hemmers, sergers, bias edging, cover hemmers, and a plethora of household machines, irons, steamers, sleeve ironing boards, and threads to match your garments. Finish as many garments as possible within the timeframe!  Partakers who use industrial machines MUST take all safety precautions and agree to hold Madam Chino harmless in any case of injury! 


Prerequisite: Sewing machine operation experience or MC's Machine Operation Class 1st Sundays 1pm-4pm


PARTY?  Buy out an entire 6 person class using the code 6CLASS to receive $30 off, bring your own ideas and create a themed party for Madam Chino to prepare ahead of time!  Team/club/spirit wear?  Birthday party to make stuffed animals/toys?  Teen party to reclaim tshirts into crops and dresses and decorated with fabric markers and applique patches?  Bring your own fabrics or use what's available here!  This option is only available for private parties when all 6 class spots are available at once!  

1st -3rd Sundays 5pm-8pm & 3rd Sundays 1pm-4pm: OPEN SEW LAB