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BLANKET COAT! / FEBRUARY 2nd, 9th, and 16th:

Bring your own heirloom blanket (or thrift one, or use a $5 moving blanket! ) and turn it into a bias edged blanket coat with snaps or button closure. Use a block pattern on site and alter it to your suiting: Bell sleeves, short sleeves, bib collar, pointy collar, nehru collar, inset or patch pockets. Bias tape onsite in multi-colors as supplies last, or bring your own double fold 1/2" bias in matching/accent colors for your blanket. Muslin or black fabric are available for liners, if your blanket requires it, or bring your own or an old bed sheet to recycle!


TSHIRT QUILT! / MARCH 1st, 8th, 15th:

Create an awesome heirloom T-shirt quilt for yourself or a loved one while making lots of storage room in you closet!  Bring T-shirts, and a bedsheet for your backing fabric.  80/20% cotton/poly batting will be available to purchase at wholesale cost of $4/square yard or bring your own for thicker/loftier blankets.  Madam Chino provides black bias tape for edging your blanket, included in the cost of the class.

Tshirt Quilt Dimensions:  You may decide how many shirts you need based on front and back images, bring extra and par down while considering your layout.  MC will reach out prior to discuss, but plan on multiples such as 4x4, 4x5, 5x5, 5x6, 6x7, 7x8 etc

CABANA PAJAMA! / APRIL 5th, 12th, 19th:

Let's recycle some cool bedsheets or towels together to make some comfy beach or bed pjs!  Twin bedsheet or 2 beach towels minimum and we can adapt the pattern to the size of your items.  Make your button up/snap up shirt and elastic band pants, hot shorts or skirt wrap!  Start from sized master patterns and trace off your own copies with adaptations for lengths and widths of sleeves, bodices, legs.  Choose from an array of collar styles.  This is a great intro to clothing construction as we navigate the ins and outs of patterning, facings, and hemming, in addition to using both sergers and house sewing machines for edging and construction.  Choose between pearl snaps and buttons/button holes.  Madam Chino has many random button sets to choose from or bring your own!  MC provides all the materials and tools except the bedsheets/towels.  


DESIGNER TSHIRTS! / MAY 3rd, 10th, 17th:

Stretch knit fabrics offer comfortablility but are often only boxy tshirts that don't fit or flatter, and are hard to sew on regular machines!  In this fun knit-special, 3 week serger class, let's redesign boring Tshirt patterns to create styles that compliment our contours!   We will deconstruct the elements of a t-shirt starting with a basic block tshirt pattern; redesigning the bodice and sleeves adapted to your lengths, widths and chosen neckline styles!  Use your patterns and samples to continue new, future variations and adaptations at home!  Learn patterning concepts to account for actual body, ease-of-fit based on fabric capabilities and desired style, and seam and hem allowances, as well as how to use knit specialized machines such as sergers and cover hemmers, and constructing with ribbing.  Learn on-the-fly draping techniques to create fullness, pleats, ruffles and additional surface design.  All materials and tools are including in the cost of class, including pattern paper, recycled new tshirts donated by MPS REC, thread, sergers, cover hemmers and dress forms.  



Join MC to create your own signature Madam Chino matching knit palazzo pants and off-the-shoulder shirt set from in house MC-designed master size-graded patterns adaptable to any size (goes from 2XSM to 3XL with sample versions to fit or adapt)! This set feels like a dress, looks like a romper, but with the coziness of pants and ease of removal for bathroom breaks!  Silky, flowy, freestyle, wide leg pants, with front waist darts and adjustable elastic gather-back waist, large blind hemmed legs offer comfort and elegance!  Fitted, off-the-shoulder shirt doesn't droop or sag and feels princess-like!  This serger, blind hemmer class is focused on advanced construction techniques on predetermined patterns, using knit fabrics, sergers, and an industrial cover hemmer and blind hemmer.   Includes grey or red knit fabric in stock at MC or bring 4 yards 60" wide knit fabrics of your own!



Let's make your halloween or cosplay costume in the studio!  Once you sign up, send your inspirations, gather your fabrics, patterns,  bring some items that already fit, and lets trace it, alter it, and stitch yours up to fit!  We could even make a yarn wig if you want!  Whatta ya wanna be? 



Let's recycle wool, sweaters, snuggies, faux fur and fleece remnants into warm winter wearables!  We focus on a different body part each week, perfect for holiday gifts~ Work from existing patterns, create your own adaptations. Bring your own sweaters/fleece/wool or use the fun ones on site!  We will use both sewing machines and sergers in this fun winter accessories construction class!


ELVES WORKSHOP / December 6th, 13th, 20th

Holiday happiness starts with crafty creativity.  MC has plenty of holiday fabrics and trims to go around!  Let's make stockings, ornaments and garland, hostess aprons and gift bags, one set of items each week while listening to holiday surf jams and snacking!  All tools, supplies, patterns and instructions will be provided in class! 



    Join MC on Friday nights from 6-9pm for special long term programs focused mostly on patterning & wearable clothing projects, perfect for people interested in doing something unique and constructive on a weekend night, plus accomplish a bigger sewing project under special guidance!  You will not need any previous sewing experience!  Can't finish in the 3 week period?  Madam Chino will provide special coupon codes for additional Open Sew classes at half rate of $20/session until your project is complete. 

    While MC is commited to making classes happen and runs all one-off classes despite how many people are signed up, but for 3 week programs, 3 participants are necessary for special programs to run. 6 is max! If you are interested, please tell your friends!

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