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FRIDAY NIGHT 6-9pm 1st-3rd Weeks of each Month!


Join MC on Friday nights from 6-9pm for special long term programs focused mostly on patterning & wearable clothing projects, perfect for people interested in doing something unique and constructive on a weekend night, plus accomplish a bigger sewing project under special guidance!


While MC is commited to making classes happen and runs all one-off classes despite how many people are signed up, for 3 week programs, 3 participants are necessary for special programs to run.  6 is max!  If you are interested, please tell your friends!


FEBRUARY 3rd, 10th, and 17th: BLANKET COAT!

Bring your own heirloom blanket (or thrift one, or use a $5 moving blanket!) and turn it into a bias edged blanket coat with snaps or button closure.  Use a block pattern on site and alter it to your suiting: Bell sleeves, short sleeves, bib collar, pointy collar, nehru collar, inset or patch pockets.  Bias tape onsite in multi-colors as supplies last, or bring your own double fold 1/2" bias in matching/accent colors for your blanket.  Muslin or black fabric are available for liners, if your blanket requires it, or bring your own or an old bed sheet to recycle!


MARCH 3rd, 10th, 17th: TSHIRT QUILT! 

Pile up as many of your T-shirts as possible, and come cut and sew your an awesome heirloom Tshirt quilt!  With rotary cutters and 14" templates trim your images out of the shirts, then recycle the remaining fabrics into reuse hand towels! Stitch effortlessly using one of the amazing sergers in shop to sew your stretchy fabrics together without interfacing.   Use the large tables to spread out and layer your quilt.  Bring your own bed sheet for backing (personal choice), and purchase batting at MC at wholesale cost of $4/yard 90" wide or bring your own.  Finishing includes either yarn tufting or racking on the quilt rack and back tacking in the corners with zigzag stitches, and serging and bias edging your quilt on high powered industrial machines!  Quilt tops are multiples in a grid, so your size depends on the number of shirts! IE 3x4, 3x5, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6, 5x6, 6x7, 7x8 etc.  Bed sheet backings are not required the first day of class, so we can work out our sizes once the shirts are cut & sorted.


APRIL 7th, 14th, 21st: BEDSHEET PJ SET!

This fun project is perfect for learning basic clothing construction of both tops and bottoms while reusing your bedsheets into an adorable pair of snap up and elastic waist PJs!  Alter your basic block into the correct size, then alter the bodice, sleeves and legs of the garments into your own fave shapes and rip a copy to keep! This fun project uses a singlelayer of bed sheet so it allows for more patterning opportunites than a thick robe!  We learn facings,  applying ruffles, lace, trim, pleats, bell sleeves, and various bodice shapes.  Crotch lines, Shorts or Pants, Snap closures.  Design your own style and bring a set of vintage sheets to work in!   Bring any size bedsheet and we will adapt your pattern to the size of your sheet, ie short sleeves or shorts, crops etc but the ideal size is a twin flat or queen.  Use trims and laces in shop freely for your designs.  



Lets get summer ready and make a beach cover up and accessories set!  Analyze the possibilities of your individual towel shapes, sizes and fringes to create a variety of cover ups from button up, bralette or wrap robe to wrap skirts or elastic banded shorts and hair towel wraps. Bring your own towels to recycle, MC will provide alterable patterns, sergers, snaps, elastics and guidance to create something you can slide out of the pool and into for the rest of the afternoon!   



Patternmaking is a drafting process, exploratory, with endless possibilities. We use geometry to transform 2D fabric onto 3D bodies, combined with an understanding of how fabrics and the physics of its varied fiber content, will react with gravity. Let's make basic block patterns to fit our own bodies for shirts, skirts, pants, and sleeves! We will follow the steps of measuring our bodies, graphing our measurements, adjusting for darts to make fabrics "pop", mark them up for fit size, and add seam allowances and hems! Then, lets alter our patterns to our own designs and construct mock ups! Learn draping techniques to embellish our fit patterns, such as circle draping, ruffles, and pleats. Pattern drafting paper, a zine, and random fabrics will be provided to test our patterns. Interested? Start exploring the Vogue Runway App, screenshotting your favorite fashions for inspirations!



Learn to pattern a pair of your very own pants using "Crotch Science" to measure and graph your body focusing on front and back differences, darts, and mark ups for fit, seams and hems!  Create mock up pair to test fit and mark up your final pattern with any applied changes, learn how to apply a lap zipper and professional waist band, construct inset side and front facing pockets in your pattern, and adapt your leg shape and length to make any style pants from tapered, straight, wide leg.  Learn hemming techniques and basic machine stitches to blind hem.  MC provides basic mock up fabrics for your test garments and patterning paper to mark up and take away your pattern for future use! 


NOV 3rd, 10th, 17th: Embroidered Holiday Stockings, Ornaments, Hostess Aprons!

Lets listen to surf holiday music and make all the fun holiday things!  Each week we will focus on one item, encorporating machine sewing and construction techniques with hand embroidery to personalize your items!  Bring a friend and get more done when you sit together at the same table and help eachother cut and sew.  MC has tons of holiday fabric and trims to share so all materials are included to make Stockings, Ornaments, and Hostess Aprons!  If you love a particular project, feel free to spend the whole time making that!  




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