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Custom Tshirt Quilt!


Madam Chino will help you create your own custom Tquilt from your heirloom tshirts. You provide the shirts and the backing fabric (a bedsheet thats 1 size larger than your tshirt quilt) and MC provides 80/20 cotton/poly batting plus black bias edging.  Natural batting is less lofty than the 100% poly, so please be aware this is a medium-light weight blanket. 


All quilts are tacked in the corners of the squares with black bar tacking and edged with 3/8" black bias edging as pictured.


Please deliver your:

-Tshirts marked with post-its to indicate specifics ie:front only, front and back, etc

-backing bedsheet 1 size larger than your blanket size


to Madam Chino at the address as follows:


6301 W Lincoln Ave

Dropbox code 8462#

West Allis, WI 53219

(414) 303-1981


I will text you when the items arrive and begin to cut the 14x14" squares, as well as text you the lay out for feedback. I usually randomize the colors as best as possible so no two colors are next to one another, and gladly take your feedback. 




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