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What is STRING ART?  Popularized in the 1970's String art was inspired by math and some basic ideas in math called "BENZIER'S CURVE" and 


Read up on WIKIPEDIA about the development and use of string art in math.  

or this website: for educational ideas behind it.  


In 1962 Benzier's Curve was developed as a mathmatical tool.  Famous US Artist John Eichinger created "string mandalas" using Benzier's Curve and "His designs were first marketed in the late 1960s by the Open Door Enterprises, who were a leading distributor of hobby craft kits."  "A string art book called Symmography, by Lois Kreischer, was published in 1971." *


Check out PINTREST for some inspiration and ideas on how string art has gone from mainly mathmatical, symmetrical works to a more free style adaptation.  





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