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The Madam Chino production floor is expanding within the Milwaukee Fortress as the neighboring space has opened and will become one with the existing mini factory. There is a lot of work in cleaning up the space, which belonged previously to a glass blower and then before that to an oil painter, but the addition opens up possibilities for new machines, workspace for the private lessons, and cutting room necessary to take on new clients and projects. Take a look at the beginnings of the transformation!

Although it doesnt appear so, these floors were scraped, scrubbed and hand sponged dry before taking a latex grey floor paint to them. Restoring the wood was not an option because of the oil stains and warping. The grey paint makes for a much better work environment, putting the focus on the work and not on the distracting floor stains.

Below are 3 images of the mini passage cut between the current room and the new room using a burrowing drill bit and a reciprocating saw. Originally the door was not planned but after initial assessment it seemed very necessary to access the cutting tables directly from the machines.

The Milwaukee Fortress Building is an old shoe factory and warehouse in Brewer's Hill Milwaukee, directly north of Downtown. From the 5th floor view you can see Brady street, overlook the Milwaukee River, and the entire Milwaukee Skyline. It is a very special place!

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