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Madam Chino's exciting list of 2024 in-person sewing classes are now available for online sign-up with some favorites plus and a few new programs, all full of amazing projects and textile recycling opportunities through the entire year!

Check out the summary below with hot-links directly to the listings! Download the full PDF 2024 Calendar at the bottom of the page!

SUNDAYS 1-4PM & 5-8PM: Machine Operations, Open Sew Labs! The Sunday staples of weekly alternating afternoon 1-4pm Machine Operations (1st & 3rd weeks) and Open Sewing Lab (2nd & 4th weeks) will continue. Now 5-8pm will be all Open Sew Labs, with the exception of 2nd Sundays, where a 5-8pm Machine Operations class has been added! Need an idea for a quick 3-Hour Project to sew in Open Sew Lab? Check out this List!

Machine Operations price has increased by $10 to the amount of $50 to cover the cost of added fees, booklets, fabric, zippers and overflow times (usually classes go 1/2 hour over), thank you for your understanding and continued support. Gift certificates purchased prior to the price change will still work for the new cost, please contact me via text at 414-303-1981 if you are having trouble.

Bring a sewing partner to any of the Sunday classes, sit at the same table, and team up on the same project for the price of one (make it a parent-child or partner date!). All Madam Chino Sunday classes are all-ages, but children under 8 are required to bring a parent!

FRIDAYS 6-9PM: 3-Week Sew Sessions for Long Term Projects, & Free Community Sew Patchwork Installation! Spend Fridays nights 6-9pm at Madam Chino, with 3-Week Friday Sewing Sessions (1st-3rd weeks) reserved for longer term guided patterning projects including T-shirt Quilts, Blanket/Quilt Coats, Recycled Bed Sheet and Towel Pajama Sets for Beach or Bed, Designer Tshirt Workshop, Palazzo Pant and Off-the-Shoulder Shirt Set, Halloween Costume Open Sew Sessions, Winter Wearables, and Embroidered Handmade Holiday Gifts! Sign up for $120, for those who want to spend a weekend night doing something constructive and cathartic! These are really fun projects that cannot be fit into single sessions and you will get a unique and in-depth experience in each course, learn new construction techniques, bringing a project with many steps to full fruition under guidance.

4th Fridays from 6-9pm are a way to connect to community through sewing, this time for FREE! Madam Chino is hosting monthly Community Patchwork Free Sew "Positive Words" Fabric Mural Sewing Sessions, and you don't need to know how to sew! Transform community donated reuse fabrics into a positive community word-art fibers installation to be displayed in an impactful street-facing billboard. MC is currently working on developing the building permit plans to install a rotating community art mural billboard installation site on the 63rd street side of the new Madam Chino building at 6301 W. Lincoln Ave in West Allis! Sign up online in advance to reserve one of up to 6 spots per month. Names of community partakers will be installed in a plaque next to the installation, which will stay up as long as it takes to make the next one!! The current mural is "PERSIST", so please join!~

MONDAY-THURSDAY 9AM-12PM and 1-4PM: Kids Weekly Summer Sewing Camps (9 Different Weeks with Amazing Themes!) This year, Madam Chino is offering each themed weekly summer kids sewing camps twice during the 9 weeks of summer in two time slots: 9am-12pm and 1-4pm! The camps are varied each week so that children are welcome to sign up for back-to-back camps and stay the day where we will remain indoors for the duration of the day but engage in a variety of projects. Camps are perfect for upper elementary and middle school students from ages 8 to 13, where kids learn and practice sewing, measuring, patterning and 3d construction, visually design their own fabrics using a variety of processes, and sew between 6 and 10 amazing projects in their matching fabrics each surrounding a specific area of interest, while using community reuse fibers! Each amazing camp includes all tools and materials, with the exception of Self-Care Sew (bring your own bedsheet/towel to recycle) Early Enrollment is $20 off through March 15th, at $220 per session using code "SEWINGSKOOL" at check out! Due to fees no longer being refundable, no retrograde discounts will be given so use the coupons at check out! Click these links to explore what each weekly session includes:

GIFT CERTIFICATES or "Rain Checks" are available for future Machine Operations and Open Sew classes, via printed snail mail or printable pdf email! Machine Operations classes are $50 only need to be purchased once, all Open Sew classes after that are discounted from $40 by $5 to reflect the discount of returning students at $35, but your gift certificate will reflect the full price of $40. For example, purchasing a Machine Operations at $50 and 2 Open Sew classes at $35, your gift certificate will read $130 ($50+$40+$40=$130). You are also able to purchase Kids Summer Camps and Friday Night 3 Week sessions in advance, but remember that class reservations are limited so sign up as soon as possible to ensure availability!

Can't wait to see you soon!


Vanessa Andrew

Madam Chino

6301 W. Lincoln Avenue

West Allis, WI 53219

414-303-1981 (text is best!)

Please print a copy of the full year calendar below!

Download PDF • 5.01MB


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