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HOW TO: Quilting Guide Foot

If you've ever had a set of sewing machine feet, many of them can be confusing to look at. The ruffler foot in particular can resemble some dental torture devices. While thrifting, Madam Chino found this great set of sewing machine feet by Kenmore that included cards with instructions for each one. This cool little wishbone looking attachment is actually a quilting guide!

Quilting itself is the act of sewing layers of fabric together by top stitching. You have creative control to sew any type of pattern into the top of your quilted fabrics! This little attachment isn't a foot, it attaches to the stem of the machine in order that you can create equidistant rows, whether they are straight or curved lines.

Simply create an initial stitch row which ever way you like. Notice in the photo below, how the quilting guide attaches to the stem between the screw and the foot via it's little copper colored adapter. You can slide the quilting guide around to change the distance of the rows.

Quilting can add texture and weight that increase the quality and feel of your product! Use the quilting foot, or a free motion foot in order to create your quilted textures!


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