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HOW TO: Shag Rug

Creating your own shag is rewarding yet time consuming! Check out the following pictures to see how you can do it yourself!

MATERIALS: Tshirt yarn, rotary cutter, clear ruler, self-healing mat, base fabric, patience!

Use the ruler to cut 1/2"-1" slits every 1" apart in rows! They can be directly below each other, or half drop so that the slits in each row are staggered. Double your fabric unless it's a sturdy piece of denim, or I used both sides of the tshirt simultaneously, to create more stability.

Cut yourself a pile of Tshirt yarn! You can cut smaller strips approx 6" by wrapping the yarn around 3" cardboard strip and cutting on one edge.

use the strips to create "U" shapes between the holes. Enter a strip in one hole and exit it in the hole next to it.

when you finish, you can give your shag a hair cut! use various finishing techniques to either sew a back on your product, or iron on a backing to prevent migration of the strips, or they can be tied in the front, sewn down the center, or left to hang!

Shag dress as made from the red fabrics above on model Caitlyn!


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